Ras Laffan



The Ras Laffan project is one of the largest maritime engineering projects in the world. Over a period of three years, more than 3,000 specialists  have been working together to create the largest LNG harbor in the world.

This expansion made it necessary to review the infra-structure of both the petro-chemical installations and the facilities for transportation of the products. After completion of all activities the harbor is expanded from 106 km² to 246 km². (Once the harbor is completed , there will be 10 loading facilities).

With more than 100 pieces of equipment, Snijder has contributed in more than three years to the completion of the Ras Laffan Project . Our equipment was involved in 29 million kuubs reclamation work and the construction of 33 kilometers of breakwater with 40 million ton of rock.

A very technical project and together with a experts of Snijder the Ras Laffan project has been successfully completed.